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Welcome New or Former Students!

Please use this website to help support your English learning. 


There are reading, listening, speaking, writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary exercises according to levels.

I offer FREE 30-minute Evaluations 

Email me for more information.

Heather Symone

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My name is Heather. I've been an English teacher for over 10 years. I love helping my students feel more confident speaking English.

I believe in taking 'the pleasure approach' when learning a language. This means, having fun and doing the things you love to do in your own language, but in English. 

I also believe that doing a little bit every day is better than learning something infrequently. 

In addition, it's your attitude towards learning something new that makes a big difference. Usually, my students lack confidence. If you have an attitude of openness and fun when learning English and understand that mistakes are part of the process, your learning journey will be wonderful. 

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